Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pain in the


My upper right wisdom tooth has been coming in for...oh, a year or so now. But now it's really starting to hurt. I can't open my mouth wide enough for a bite of food, every time I yawn it brings tears to my eyes, and for once, I am ready to go to the dentist. I just want to cut open the gum line and rip it out.

It's a total metaphor for my life and what I'm feeling right now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Just wow! The last two weeks have been an incredible load of stress, a major test of my patience, and an awesome learning experience for me.

My new class is bright, funny, cute and sweet. They are also LOUD, difficult to manage, and a bit awkward. I feel much more successful at this point than I have the last two years, which I think proves that I am now a more seasoned teacher. I definitely don't feel like burying my head in the sand anymore.

What stresses me out the most is other grown adults who can't get their sh*t together and who have no respect for me and what I'm trying to do. Professionally and otherwise. I've tried very hard to do the right thing, maintain a level of courtesy, and even reach out -- all to no avail. Give me a break -- enough is enough and I'm tired of waiting around for stupid people to get with the program. All my life I've been a pushover, and that is stopping NOW. I don't need toxic people or toxic relationships in my life. (I am ever so grateful to Lynette for defining those relationships for me -- toxic.)