Monday, July 30, 2007

I never thought it would happen...

but it did!

I actually kind of LIKE running! Who would've thunk? All those people who told me that I just had to get used to it, that the endorphins were addicting, that exercising was relaxing...they were right! Today was the first day I felt a smidge of anticipation to my run -- I was actually looking forward to it, deep down :) And now that I've completed it, instead of taking my usual "day off" tomorrow I'm going to do it again! =D

One thing for sure that helps is all the support -- my sister, who has been going with me every possible chance she has, Damon, who's been joining me as of last week, and Lynette, who joined us tonight.

Wedding Bootcamp has officially begun! =D

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another weekend

Friday -- After work, met up with Damon and drove down to the OC Fair. We hung out with Hollie, Kim, & Company. 'Twas fun.

The food:

- jumbo corndog
- HUGE turkey leg
- funnel cake

For those of you who haven't made it, avoid the Australian battered potatoes. They sound good but are basically giant chips of grease.

Saturday -- Damon came over and we worked on the wedding invitations some. Then went to go watch "Chuck & Larry" (I dunno what it's really called.) I wasn't wowed. For purely entertainment purposes, I guess it was okay. But I can't help but think that the stereotypes the movie portrays only perpetuates a lot of discrimination that already exists. But anyway....We saw April on the way out. That was a nice surprise :) April and Kelly, we need to plan an outing for August =D

After the movie we hung out for a bit at home then ran/walked my sister's 3 mile route. I was so proud of myself because I must've ran at least half of it? Except that Charlie bit me. That was the only downer. :P

Sunday -- Woke up early for church, then took a nap before we hit up ballroom dance class with my parents. Today we learned the fox trot. We've got a LONG way to go before the wedding. After the dance class we were zonked out. Ran errands afterward - Borders, Food 4 Less, and Petco. Then worked on invitations/school stuff before dying macaroni for class tomorrow.

Wow. My life is so lame. I dyed macaroni this weekend, what did you do? :|

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Recap

Awesome weekend.

Friday long day at work, then Damon picked me up after work and drove us back down to O.C. We had dinner at Johnny Rocket's *yum* then met up with Kim and her crowd for her bday celebration at Lucky Strike. We remarked how rare it was that we were out and about past midnight. :)

Saturday slept in a bit and Damon went with me to Lakeshore to hit their summer sale and pick up a few things I needed. Then to Santa Anita where I hit the Nordstrom sale for some much needed SPANX (for the wedding) and a birthday present for little Sophia on Sunday. Then onward to Michaels, where I used up another 40% off coupon and bought scrapbook paper for wedding invitation madness. Then Costco on the way home. Then Target because Costco was out of what Damon needed. A mad dash home and I met up with Dad and Sister to go to church while Damon Wii'ed. After church Damon and I headed out to Disneyland. We had dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney (SOOOO GOOOD!!) and PIGGED OUT!! Oh my gosh I don't remember the last time I had that much good food. We ordered and shared -- their soup taster (gumbo, their version of french onion soup, and what I think was vegetable), two entrees: roasted half chicken rosemary with mashed potatoes for me, and some sort of grilled salmon topped with crab with roasted potatoes and watercress for Damon, and TWO DESSERTS: sweet potato pie with an orange cream topping and raspberry syrup and 4 absolutely AMAZING beignets. Although we didn't plan it, we were able to see a good part of the fireworks show from our seats in the restaurant. After we ate we headed into the park to try our luck at getting on the Nemo ride. And we did! We got in line about 11:30 and I think finally got on at 12:30. Not too bad considering the line was a rumored 4 hours long opening day. Left the park sometime after 1 o'clock and boy were we tired!!

Sunday morning we woke up early for a cake tasting (*yes* we finally found a baker!!!) then I headed to Downey for little Sophia's one year bday party. Hung out with some of the coworkers for a while before heading back to Damon's house where we checked out Michaels in City of Industry for more scrapbook paper (nowhere to be found *sadness*), then an early dinner at Curry House *more yum*. Came back home so that I could work on some school stuff while Damon watched a very gory Letters from Iwo Jima.

Now I'm kind of ready to go back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

How was your weekend?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Still fat.

My sister has taken it upon herself to become my personal trainer. I hate/love her for it. Hate because she's pushing me really hard but love because she's doing a really good job. She's become something of a health enthusiast as of late and she knows a lot about what I need to do. I am trying my best to follow her lead.

Today she started me on a strict exercise-regimen. We walk/ran 3 miles today. That's quite an accomplishment considering it's a distance I'm usually too lazy to DRIVE, much less run.

It was awful but in the end I guess those endorphin things appeared and now, 15 minutes later I'm feeling pretty good and proud of myself. Plus my sister said I had to eat something, which is always fun =D I wish it were an ice cream bar instead of a peach but I'll take what I can get. The only down side was that Charlie got a little nuts-o when we passed some dogs and bit Anne in the leg pretty bad.

Tomorrow we're supposed to do it again. I hope I can get off my lazy butt and do it :)

Thanks Anne!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Been busy.

I've been busy, but nothing's new.

Wedding planning still takes up any extra time. I'm still trying to secure florist and complete invitation design. If all goes well this will be secured by this week.

Damy and I are still looking for a place to call our own. Now THAT is stressful. Buying vs. renting, two incomes vs. one income, house vs. condo. Lots to think about with many decisions weighing against the other. But that's also moving along.

I'm back to school as of July 2nd. Friggin' hard. Half my class doesn't speak English and we all know how great my Spanish skills are. I'm learning quickly. Hopefully they will too :) God grant me patience and heart to teach my new class with grace and give them the experiences they deserve.

Oh and I'm still fat. W.T.F. I have decided I will be the fatest bride ever. It's easier than trying to be the prettiest =X