Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 in Retrospect...

- rang in the new year with new friends

- low key Valentine's Day @ home with Damon
- Charlie ate an entire order of The Hat chili fries off the counter
- went to ed21 conference on my own - unheard of!

- got pink-slipped

- finished a God-awful year with possibly the worst teacher on earth
- got my pink slip rescinded

- celebrated dad's 60th birthday

- principal bought me back (and spent a huge chunk of the school budget to keep me)

- started teaching third grade (dum dee DUM DUM DUM)

- went to OC fair with a billion people

- turned 26 (UGH)

- went to Maui
- went "apple picking" with good friends <3
- went to Las Vegas with same good friends <3

- Thanksgiving yay :)

- celebrated two year anniversary with Damon
- met a brand new baby girl <3

All in all, not too bad of a year. Probably one that is fairly forgettable though. As much fun as I had with friends and traveling this year, I've also had a rough time at work, went to countless protests and rallies against budget cuts, seen a billion and one houses that aren't our match, and seen as much hurt as happiness. I'm ready for a new year and new opportunities.

Tonight we're having a little get-together to celebrate -- lots of people already had their own plans, but our very best friends and the people closest to my heart are here so that's all that matters.

Happy 2010!<3