Thursday, September 22, 2005

Whoo...still alive.

Sorry all to the people I've been MIA from. It's been a tortuous couple of weeks -- last week I was seriously either at work or at school round-the-clock save for three or so hours at home to sleep and shower. The event actually happened, although it was nothing short of a disaster. But that's a long story that I'd rather not retell. I do want to thank Damon, Jason, Hollie, Steven, Charity and Beatriz for coming out to volunteer. I love you all so much for sacrificing like that for me - THANK YOU :)

The day of AutumnFest was also my bday, although I hardly had time to stop and think about it. Muchas gracias to Kelly, April, Stephanie, Ramichael, my aunties, Caroline, Brittany, Derek, my parents Hollie and company for the phone calls, text messages, voice mails, etc. I might have missed a few people on this list so I apologize -- I love you all and thanks so much for remembering :)

So yes last week was pretty much horrible. I was exhausted by the time Saturday rolled around but didn't have much time to sleep: my sister moved out early Saturday morning and then my parents wanted to engage in some birthday "festivities." Sunday was more celebrating and shopping w/my usual crew + my USC friends as well as Claudia, Ethan/Luis and Ben :) Rollerskating turned out to be much more than we bargained for, and then dinner in KTown that expanded my waist line, like double.

This week I started my student teaching/fieldwork which means getting up even earlier. My days are soooooooo long now, 6:30 - 8 or 9. *blech* I am seriously tiiiiiiiiiired. Which explains the absence from blogland.

Good thing is I managed to finally catch up on sleep last night so I'm feeling much better. This weekend I vow to catch up on homework, clean my room, run my errands and be much more prepared for the rest of the semester :)

And how have you been?

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Bad side:

She f*cked up the database so bad that yesterday I was at work from 10am to 5am.

Good side:

In 24 hours I will be close to being done with this whole damn thing.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I HATE you!

I stayed at work until 1 a.m. today because of you. Because of YOU, you stupid @$$ *****! I don't know how you expected the work to get done without you doing it. I can't STAND the fact that while this week I've been working my ASS OFF you have the NERVE to leave at FIVE and do NOTHING!!!!


Thursday, September 08, 2005


Work's a bitch. School isn't so bad but it's getting kinda' crazy.

*tada* my update. :P

No but seriously...school I can handle on a regular basis but I've been putting in close to 40 hours a week at work the last couple of weeks on top of some school work that's getting heavier and heavier...

I'm freakin'-a TIRED.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pictures! :)

I didn't know what to write about but I felt like posting, so below you'll find lots of pictures from our weekend up at Hearst Castle. :) I dunno how to use the Hello software very well so the pictures are all mixed up and sadly, are not in chronological order. But I think you get the idea.

We went on two tours up at Hearst Castle, which was just an amazing place. Truly breathtaking, in so many ways. The architecture itself is beautiful, the magnitude of what they built up there is unfathomable, and the art collection...I can't even express it in words.

We did a lot of beach-watching while we were up there....we stayed in Cambria, just 10 minutes or so away from Hearst Castle (San Simeon). In Cambria we did a lot of beach "hiking," some shopping, and even went on a bike ride down Moonstone Beach, which, although quite painful (I still have bruises) was also well worth-it for the fresh air and just the chance to ride along with the waves. Literally. :)

Enjoy! :)

Awwww.... :)

Hollie and her bike. :)

Haha...damn am I really that short? :P Our scenic bike ride down Moonstone Beach.

Me and Damy, STARVING!

Brunch on our second morning....I dunno what Hollie's doing... :P

*swoon* :)

Another beach shot.

Our home away from home...right along the water! :)

We stayed in Room 117. :)

My "posse" :)


When we went to see the sunset...

This is an honest to goodness GREEK VASE from only a couple hundred B.C.!!!

Outdoor Garden.

The Indoor Pool...wow.

The bell towers of the main house, "Casa Grande."

The view from the mansion....amazing!

The absolutely breathtaking Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle.

Hollie and I at our daytime beach-tripping. I was cold. :P