Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been an emotional roller coaster of a month.

We went into escrow at the beginning of March and were holding our breath throughout the process, unsure of whether or not the cards would be dealt in our favor. We actually had put in our original offer on the home in February and were denied, so we had no idea how things would work out and kept quiet about things until we were a little more sure of things. Only a few friends and our parents knew once we got into the inspection/appraisal portion of escrow, and we didn't let even a hint of any news get out until we were within days of closing. I don't think that Damon and I were even really admitting the news to ourselves, for fear of getting burned again. Thank goodness that is all over! As exciting as escrow was, it was so stressful and agonizing that I'm glad it is behind us now. :)

So with the stress and later, exhilaration, of getting through escrow, we've been spending the last month trying to set up and living from boxes and with limited furniture. There isn't too much to do, really, but I've been busy with so much else that painting and unpacking has been low on the priority list. Hopefully next month we'll be in a better spot but right now things are still sort of hectic and unsettled.

Things on the work front have been dismal, at best. After receiving my pink slip I still had some hope that things would work themselves out with my job. The teachers voted for furlough days this year and next that resulted in enough of a pay cut to save a ton of jobs -- unfortunately, I found out this week, not enough to save mine. So back down the emotional roller coaster I go -- this week I'm stressing out about getting my portfolio, resume, and materials ready to start submitting applications. I'm fearful that I waited too long to start, since my other friends already have interviews or (eek!) job offers already, but I guess I have to start somewhere...

I go back to school next week and am actually looking forward to some semblance of a normal routine again. It's tough going to work knowing that you're not going to be there much longer, though.