Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mucccch better....

One of my classes ends TODAY -- and since I already finished my group project presentation today is a breeze.

I'm turning in one of my last assignments for my other class and all I have left is my final project (*ugh*) and my website (which I already have completed substantially) -YES! :)

One paper is due on Tuesday but I should be fine with that....then two more weeks of class and it's SUMMER VACATION! :)

For 10 days, anyway. :)

Anyone wanna doooo anything? :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's Hot.

Damy says how come I don't update anymore? So to ease his anxiety, I am posting :)

Really, though, nothing new has happened. Everyday is the same thing -- observations --> class --> home --> study or observations --> work --> home --> study. It's funny -- all those times I felt overwhelmed and stressed as an undergrad (like around finals or whatever) is basically what I'm feeling every day now. I know I'm stressed lots 'cause I have a constant tummy ache and sometimes my chest hurts like I'm going to have a heart attack or something. (@__@) It's really just because work has been so much to take on lately. But the field trip is over so hopefully that'll take a load off.

School is actually getting a little better, too. One last hellish week and I'll be almost done. One of my classes ends next week with a big presentation and a research paper and then my other class just has a website, a lesson plan final and a soundscape thingamajig. Kind of bad but not terrible. There are a few things I dislike about the program but I'm trying not to be a poopie -- I realize how valuable this program is going to be to me, and I figure one year of a little suffering is worth it to have my masters and a secure job in a matter of months.

I wanted to go to dinner or dessert with April this week but I've been so busy I didn't even make the phone call. (-___-) *ashamed* April, if you're reading this let's go next Thursday! I really will call this time.

I still haven't unpacked. My stuff is still all over the living/dining room and I'm still in the process of getting rid of some stuff. The problem is I have lots of things that I want to keep but don't necessarily need. Like old books or my Barbie collection. I want to give that stuff to my future kids (well, daughters) but I don't need it at the moment. So what do I do with it? I've come to realize that my house doesn't have nearly as much storage space as it should. And what space we do have is taken up by my mother and her useless crap. I mean seriously USELESS. Even more useless than my Barbies =D

I really want a full day of fun. Like a full day at Disneyland or a full day at the Huntington Gardens or at the Arboretum or even just at the park. Or the beach. :\ Somebody come out and plaaaaay with me and give me attention please please please *whimpers like Charlie*

Do you ever feel a certain way but don't want to say anything because you know it'll be bad if you open your mouth?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005



So what's new, Sara?
Hm...nothing much. I'm sick again.
Weren't you sick like, two weeks ago?
Yup, and now I'm sick again. I'm even talking to myself on my blogger.
Gee, that's not good... :P

Everyone at work today kept asking me why I looked so horrible. -__- Thanks. I was actually TRYING to look good, too. :P

Things have been....difficult, to say the least. I started observing at San Gabriel High this week which requires a lot more than the 2-minute commute I had back at old Palisades --> Weemes. I now start my days at 6 am, drive down to San Gabriel, stay for a little over two hours, drive to class and/or work and make my way back home around 7 or 8. It's really been quite a trial, especially considering the fact that I'm sick. School isn't so stressful anymore but I'm in over my head at work being on so many projects at once and failing to have the help and support that I need.

And yeah, I'm sick. Again. I guess my immune system is pretty weak. I've got a running fever the past few days, a disgustingly runny and then sometimes stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, the works. I'm really feeling worn out. Another five weeks and I'll be done with school (for the summer, anyway.

And then four days later I can start fall semester. Twice as many classes. *woohoo*! :P

Still, though, I had the chance to eat lunch with Steven on Monday *yea* and talked to Caroline yesterday *yea* and still enjoying school even though it's the reason I'm so tired. Seriously, though, if you see me -- don't tell me I look terrible. I know, really. Just be nice. And give me something to eat 'cause I'm probably hungry. :)

Until next time...

Friday, July 08, 2005


Hell week is officially (well, almost) over. I just posted my final power point slides on-line. Now I just have to do another run-through tomorrow morning, and then I can head over to campus for my presentation @ 1. And then I'll be done. *woot*

It's been a loooong day. Studied all morning for exam, went to campus early to work in lab, studied a bit for exam, took the exam, finished at 5. Went back to the lab to work on my presentation, met up with Katie for dinner, went back to the lab for more work, went over to the girlie's place to say bye to Serena (have a good trip!!) and practice my presentation on all of the girls (+ Steven) [thanks, btw] and then finally got home around 1. Worked to finish up the kinks in my presentation and add in some real research and I am now done.

Hoho, let's go shopping :)

Sunday, July 03, 2005


I've got midterms this week. It's only week 5 but summer is only 10 weeks long. I swear I just STARTED and I'm already in midterms WTH.

Now I know what it's like to be on the quarter system. :
I'm only taking two classes this semester but I've got a PowerPoint Project, two individual presentations, a paper and a midterm this week. Holy macaroni.

It's really wierd being at home. I still have mountains of things to unpack. I dunno where and when I accumulated all this....STUFF.....but dude I gotta find a place for it. Someone should buy me a house and I'll fill it for them.

I am falling in love....with my Charlie. What a sweet dog. He needs a lot of attention but he's such a baby and I love him so much already. He's a nice distraction from all this midterm business.

I love Damy, too. :)