Wednesday, October 27, 2004


HoHo taught me how to publish pictures on my bloggie! :) *yea* So I thought I'd experiment :) I think I'mma publish pictures from my Japan trip, finally. :)

Mt. Fuji, July 17, 2004

okie, hoho...

Following HoHo's lead, I took this quiz....and here are my results :)

20 Questions to a Better Relationship

eXpressive: 8/10
Practical: 5/10
Physical: 4/10
Giver: 6/10

You are a XPIG--Expressive Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Catch.

You are a magazine-cover, matinee idol dreamboat. Parents love you and want to set you up with their kids. However, first dates are tough because it takes time for your qualities to come out.

You are generous and kind. You think first and act later. You are cool in a conflict, but your practical side means if your partner throws out emotional appeals ("why can't we do what I want for a change?") they will grate on your nerves, even when the conflict is resolved.

You're a romantic. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and you don't just fall into bed with anyone. You pay close attention to your significant other's needs, and this makes you an excellent lover and partner. The problem is that your friends and lovers may find it so easy to express things to *you* that they lose sight of whether you feel as comfortable with *them*! This doesn't necessarily make you feel under-appreciated -- you're too well-adjusted and self-aware for that -- but you may feel restless. Thus you seek adventure in your life outside the relationship to prove and actualize yourself.

Of all the types, you would make the best parent.

You are coiffed.

Didja see "Big Fish"? 'Cause you're like Ewan MacGregor in "Big Fish."

Of the 143280 people who have taken this quiz, 9.3 % are this type.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


that face is mine j/about half an hour ago, when i went to the museum for work and found out that my supervisor was out sick. =D

not that i'm glad that he's sick, but i'm glad i got to come home and that i found myself with an unexpected SIX HOURS of freedom :)

Monday, October 25, 2004

big *siiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Life is so much sunnier and brighter after midterms :) I don't think I've ever felt more relaxed or on top of things. It's really a nice feeling.

By Friday I was four days ahead on my reading and assignments, and I had freed up my weekend for my two favorite people, Damy and HoHo, and my family. It's rare that I have a whole weekend with no obligations or imminent worries, so I was glad to be able to set aside a whole day with everyone.

Saturday I went to my cousin's 30th B-day party. Damon came along. He's like a member of the family now. It's nice to see him talking to my aunties and watching football with my uncles -- even when I'm not right next to him. :) I think he's more comfortable around my family, and I think my family really likes him, too. I don't think I could be any happier along those lines...if and when he does become a part of the family, it'll be that much easier to make a smooth transition :)

Sunday was Sara and Hollie's Day of Fun! (*^-^*) She and I had a biiiiiiiiiiiig lunch of chili cheese fries and sandiwches from The Hat. *yum*yum* :) We dropped off the leftovers with The Boys, Damy and Irv, who were messing up Damy's car. After we dropped off the leftovers, we stopped by Sears so that HoHo could buy a gift for her co-worker's daughter. Then we took a trip back to middle school at the Edwards on Atlantic to catch Shall We Dance. Good movie, although I think it strayed an awful lot from the original, so to enjoy it I think you have to watch it as an entirely separate movie from the first. I really like Jennifer Lopez (although I hate to admit it), but she doesn't portray the original character well.

After the movie HoHo had to meet up her fam for dinner with her grandma. I went back to Irv's house to spend the rest of the day with Damy. They were still working on his car when I got there around 5, even though they started at 10 a.m. I hung around with them...although I don't think they appreciated a stupid girl with them. :P I didn't help much except to hold a flashlight once it got dark. The rest of the time I spent sitting and watching....reading through the Entertainment Book and the rest of my mail from home...I even took a nap in the backseat of my car. Around 9:30 I decided it wasn't worth it to wait, since I didn't have any time left with Damy anyway, and went home. Poor boys worked awfully hard for a stupid metal stick, in my opinion. :P Thanks for letting me bug you @ your house, Irv. :)

So although my weekend didn't end quite the way I had planned, it was still good. And my week looks like it will continue the "good" streak -- I'm still ahead on my readings, and I'm caught up on my entire "list of things to do" -- including adding my minor. Yes, congraulate me people I am now officially a Southern California minor (haha...took me over three years to declare it, how embarassing)! :)

Monday, October 18, 2004


I've spent the last couple of weeks every night staying up super-late trying to get this huge paper done and avoid what I ended up doing anyway -- staying up until all hours desperately trying to finish it on time. I haven't written an English paper in SOOOOO long, I forgot how straining it was. But at least now it's DONE. I'm tired as heck, but it's DONE.

The sad thing is that I have another paper due tomorrow that I really haven't started yet. All I want to do right now is sleep until the end of time, but I can't because of this next darn paper. And I don't have much time to sleep during the day because I've got class until 10 tonight and won't have much time to write my paper tonight as it is. What a drag. And I thought I had all this under control, too. :(

When I'm done with this paper tomorrow, I'm going to 1) sleep like crazy. 2) go get my nails done or something. 3) drink drink DRINK! :) I've gotta take care of myself and relax a bit.

There are moments where I realize I'm really going to miss college once I graduate. Today is definitely NOT one of those days. :P

Sunday, October 17, 2004


hee,hee...so I just said how excited i was by what a wonderful day it was today. when damy left this morning i told him how much it reminded me of winter -- the crispiness in the air and the breeze but still the sun.

so i'm now listening.........TO NSYNC'S CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!!

i've been gone/for so many holidays/but you can light the fire/'cause this year/i'll be home for Christmas day...


it's a beautiful day the sun is shining...

hollie used to sing that song all the time in high school. that's what i'm thinking now as i look out my window. the sun isn't totally blaring, but the sky is such a beautiful blue, the clouds are finally white again, and the air is crisp after the little rain we had last night. it's like a fresh new start for the week.

damon fell asleep for most of his stay last night so i got a lot of work done on my papers. and it's still early, which means i have plenty of time to finish my first paper and work on my second, leaving tomorrow for final touchups. i'm quite proud of myself.

this is a day late, but happy birthday to KELLY!! you're finally 21, which means we are now officially OLD. we can like, totally go out and drink legally now! i swear, though, drinking isn't as much fun once you're actually allowed to do it -__- haha :)

many thanks to HoHo for putting together Kelly's Bday "celebration." sorry I wasn't of much help.

it's time to start my new, fresh day! :)

did i mention that i *HEART* damy? :) hey, now that i'm using this blogger thing, can i post pictures or what? can someone help meeee? :P

Friday, October 15, 2004


One year ago today, my grandfather died. These past few days I've been busy and stressed with midterms -- and a year ago, it was the same way -- until I got that phone call. That was when my stress was pushed towards something else.

I still remember the details -- the phone calls I got, the feeling of my heart sinking. Having those three days blur, the funeral, and the weeks, even months after.

Sometimes it's still hard to believe that he's gone. It's always kind of a shock to see his name on the headstone that for so many years had only my grandmother's. Sometimes I forget that he's gone, and I have to stop and remind myself that he won't be there to say hello to when I visit my aunt's house.

Lately I've been feeling like I've been re-living some of it with D. And even though it's hard to remember, I'm glad that I do, because I certainly don't want to forget him.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

new home?

I haven't posted on Diaryland for like a month. I'm sick of it 'cause there's too much crap to deal with. That and I just couldn't bring myself to say anything.

Things are really busy lately and, as I told HOHO yesterday, it's just over-everything: over-stress, over-worked, over-emotional. Lots of things are happening in lots of different areas of my life and it's making me sort of crazy.