Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Professional Pet Peeve

I hate that so many teachers wear crap to work. When I was student teaching, I saw everything -- track suits, ugly gym clothes, and an unbelievable TUBE TOP in kindergarten. Sad and gross.

One of the reasons I really like my school is because there are enough teachers who take pride in their appearance. I remember my first day of school in my first year, I counted 3 men who wore shirts and ties -- for their first week of teaching. In elementary. I had college professors who couldn't take on that kind of professionalism. Now, I realize teachers need to be comfortable -- and especially if you teach kindergarten like me, there is something to be said for dressing the part -- paint, glue, and sitting on the rug doesn't warrant your best duds. But I get down and dirty in my classroom -- I crawl on the floor like a dinosaur, I dance around and paint and glue with the best of 'em -- and I don't wear jeans. Or track suits, or ugly gym clothes. I wear "business casual" -- a button down and nice pants, at least, because my kids deserve a professional running their classroom. They deserve my best effort -- and that includes my appearance.

That's why this ad in my e-mail really pissed me off -- why can't I teach in "The Law Office" or "The Ad Agency" attire? Why is the teacher "casual"? Boo. What makes me sadder is that so much of the teaching population adopts that mentality. No wonder we can't gain any respect.

Oh and ps -- that is way too much boobage for a teacher to show.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Game on!

I know I save this every weekend, but I really need to do something about my health, particularly my weight. Too many restaurant meals, too little exercise = too many of my favorite clothes sitting in the closet. :P

Hubby and I are planning a biggest loser contest starting tomorrow. Here's the breakdown --

  • starting tomorrow, every Monday we will weigh in on the official biggest loser scale -- the Wii fit board.
  • each week the person who has lost the least pays the penalty -- $10
  • we play for 10 weeks -- the biggest loser at the end takes the $100 pot and the wifey/hubby cannot complain about how it is spent.
i want some new clothes. $100 would be nice to play with =D so would fitting into my skinny jeans again =X

The Birthday Week Commences

This past week has been craaaazy! So much going on all around and I'm exhausted. I just want to sleeeeeep and recover. I am physically and emotionally DRAINED.

Friday -- Came home from work, went to dinner and the Tony Bennett concert with hubby. Time (and traffic) were not on our side and I missed my favorite song :( Oh well.

Saturday -- Watched the game with some friends and fam and had an impromptu bday celebration. So glad my team kicked Ohio's @$$!! =D

Sunday -- Thank goodness I slept in. Hubby and I are heading out to Irvine soon to dine on some yummilicious burgers from The Counter with my friend K.

Back to work tomorrow. Sadness. :( On the schedule for this week --

Dinner with hubby's family for the Moon Festival on Monday
Bday dinner with hubby at Roy's on Tuesday. (So Yummers!)
Survival at work.
Kids take the literacy assessment this week
Planning for parent conferences next week. Yikes!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm leaving, on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

Okay, we're actually traveling by car. And I'll be back Sunday night if all goes well. We is the mom, the dad, and the sister. No hubby :( We're driving up to CSUEB to visit my cousin who is studying abroad for a few weeks here in California. Such a rare treat to see my mom's family! I'm not so excited about the road trip, but SUPER excited to see her.

Also sad to leave the husband. We haven't been apart for this long since we got married. Boo.