Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's the Little Things.

The little things in life that I've been loving lately and wanting to appreciate:

Hubby rarely comes home with surprises, but this one really won me over -- peonies! So gorgeous, they are by far my most favorite flower (gardenias and roses for the rest of the time that these aren't in season).

I love that I can smell them even several feet away. The scent of these fluffy beauties will forever remind me of my wedding day.

My best bud as of late. He and I have been spending a lot of time together. I'm so glad we're able to have him close now that we've all moved in together as a family. He has his moments of terrorizing, but all in all, he's quite the sweetheart. He sleeps all day (like me!) but always has his ears open to protect me. Cute.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I've got 8 days left of vacay and, as sad as I am to leave behind my relaxing, unproductive days of summer, I'm excited to get back into the groove of school and teach again. I miss being around kids, seeing my friends every day, and being challenged on a regular basis.

The past week was so dang hot I got very little done besides changing my name on a few more things and organizing around the house. The weekend was the same -- we had exciting plans to go to Disneyland, but in the end, it was so hot we just wanted to stay home.

Friday I subbed at school and hubby came home late so we ate dinner and watched a movie at home.

Saturday hubby ran errands in the morning and we hung out at home before heading out to Claremont for my Uncle's retirement party. Fun, but DISGUSTINGLY hot.

Sunday we lay low for as long as we could before heading out for dinner to celebrate hubby's bday with his family.

Hubby is now 28 years old. So dang old, I say -- time for babies. ;) But seriously, we were talking last night and I told him how sad I was because some of the earlier memories of our relationship are starting to get fuzzy for me. Like, I remember how we used to talk all the time but I can't remember what it was we talked about. I so wish I had those conversations on my computer still. Boo. Then I started thinking, I wonder if I'll forget these earlier years of our marriage when we're older? I better start journaling or something. All these mundane days now are going to be precious memories later. :( We're seriously getting too old too fast.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Such a fun weekend!!

Friday -- Dinner at KT Cafe (good until I found hair and a feather in my food) =X
Chorus Line

Saturday -- BTSA (meh but got out early!)
drive down to Irvine to see J (yay!)
- hang out at the house
- bowling at Strike
- dinner at Houston's
- watched a movie at J's scarily neat place

Sunday -- slept in (yay!) but skipped church (boo)
The Grove with S and C, my college roomates that I don't see nearly enough
- shopping
- dinner and girl talk

Monday -- Drove down to Irvine to pick up Damon.
Sprinkles cupcakes!
Disneyland! See Damon's post. We got to preview Toy Story Mania THREE TIMES and it was so.much.fun!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

On Broadway....

Actually, on Grand. Damon and I went to the Ahmanson last night to watch A Chorus Line. It was an AMAZING show!

At the end finale, it actually brought tears to my eyes. It's lame, I know, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with this intense feeling of appreciation -- I had just seen an amazing show and witnessed the talents of these artists. It made me think about my kids at school, kids who rarely have an opportunity to see or witness any kind of art at all -- they don't know about music or dance or theater. It made me realize how lucky I am to have the chance and the money to do this kind of thing -- and a husband who willingly indulges me in my cravings for concerts, exhibits, and shows. It reminded me of the inspiration I felt working in non-profits, especially in the arts.

Speaking of the arts, have I mentioned how PROUD I am of my baby sister? I was able to see her in three performances recently -- one in which she CONDUCTED and one in which she ROCKED a solo. She has gotten so good at playing her instrument, wow! I'm so proud of her for working so hard and for going after her dream.

Now go listen to a good piece of music or something ;)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Sad Story

So yesterday I finally had my appointment at your favorite place and mine, the California DMV. I was going to change my name (I'm a slacker, I know) and get my license re-issued. It went very smoothly -- waited in the wrong line, waited in the waiting area, got called to the window, gave my forms, blah blah blah. Then...

"Ma'am, are you aware that your license is going to expire in September and you'll need to renew?"


"Would you like to renew today?"


"You just need to take a test."

*screeeech* whaaaa????

"Actually, can I just come back and do that later?"

"Of course, ma'am, but I'm just lettin' ya kno' that you'll have to pay twice."

*thinking*...$28....times two.....16......carry the one.....HOLY COW!!! $56!!!!

"Okay, I'll take the test, I guess." *nervously*

So I take the darn eye test and even THAT I barely pass. Yikes. Then I take the dreaded picture *oy* how my face has expanded since I was a mere 19 years old. :( I asked the camera guy how many questions I can miss without failing -- "You can miss up to 3, it's easy!" he says.


I nervously walk to the testing room and am given a long white paper (haven't seen you in YEARS!), a nubby yellow pencil and am directed to the table that is like, almost to my neck. I have to answer 18 questions and can only miss 3. I take the test. X....X....X....crap. What does that sign mean? Crap.....what's the BAC limit?.....crap crap crap.

Walk to the counter. "Hello miss, how're you doing today?"

"You tell me."

"Well, let's see how you did there Miss Sara L.....1......(circle)......2 (circle)...3 (circle)..........4 (circle)."

"Noooooo!!!" (I seriously did say this.) Crap. Crappity crap crap. Not fair! New laws! Not fair!!!

"Well, now that's okay...let's just answer #24, and we'll see if I can let you go."


Walk back to the counter. Number 24 asked me who can park in a stall that has this picture:

So of course I walk back to the counter, give him my test.....AND HE LETS ME GO!!!!


I got so.darn.lucky!! Yay to the nice man at the DMV for being so forgiving.

No wonder no one in California knows how to drive. =P

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Halftime break.

Damon and I came back from Hawaii almost two weeks ago. When we came back I thought to myself -- Wow. I still have an entire MONTH before my vacation is up. Outstanding! :) (Please refrain from commenting. Yes, I realize two months is a long time. Yes, I realize I am lucky. But please know that I [and most teachers] really deserve this time off to recharge and regroup. We work hard. /end rant)

Hawaii was so.much.fun and beautiful! Four days was clearly not enough, but we managed to fit in practically every activity we wanted to (although mostly eating-related). We loved snorkeling, loved the restaurant, loved the green-green-greenness of the land, the nightlife, and the relaxation. It's absolutely the longest time we've ever spent together -- 5 whole days together, 24/7. What a fabulous trip, and so many memories for us. I am forever grateful to J for sending us. :) Pictures are here if you're so inclined. I'm so glad Damon had the chance to get out and see some place new -- we joked about moving there but oh how I wish we really could! I think we're addicted to traveling now. :) Just gotta save up some more and hopefully NYC will be in our near future. :)

I found out yesterday that I can teach kindergarten again next year, which makes me very happy. The last kindergarten class that was open was a special ed/collaborative class with another teacher, so although I'm happy to stay in my grade level, I'm also quite nervous about this new challenge. I was planning on applying to CSULA for another master's degree, but I think I'm going to sit on that until I can handle this class confidently. I really want to commit myself to these students and to my partner teacher, so school will have to wait. Thank goodness this class was open, otherwise I would have gotten 5th grade on B track! And even more grateful that I have a job to go to. So many people have lost their positions with these darn budget cuts. :(

I start July 5th, so now that I know what class I have I'm starting to organize and prep for the coming year. (See? Told ya we work hard).

I've managed to start a new book, organize all but one room in the house (which I'm about halfway done with, yay!), prep materials for BTSA so that I can FINALLY clear my credential, spend lots of time with Charlie, and do lots of cooking. Still haven't gone to a museum but I've got time for that yet. This vacation has been quite restful and productive; the perfect balance, really. I'm so excited for this last month and even more excited for the prospect of the new school year.