Monday, February 28, 2005

G.R.E. aftermath..

Took the G.R.E. Saturday, as planned. It was friggin' hard -- kicked my big 'ol arse into another country, I swear! But I ended up scoring above my target and did pretty decently (I seriously do not know HOW) so I was pretty happy.

Spent Saturday after the exam with Damy, Hoho, Damy's cousins and Lyn. We hit up The Hat, played CS (*yippee* that was fun!), and hit up Santa Anita mall. I spent some time with the fam, (Annie made me funnel cake, yummie!), and then the Fab Four went to dinner in MPK. *double yummie*

Sunday I spent most of the day with HoHo and Jason shopping for my workshops this Saturday. Met up with Damy for dinner and then we headed back to his house for a marathon home-movie session. SO MUCH FUN. :)

This week is a bit of a stretch -- Two days of a midterm, group project due next Wednesday, paying off rent and bills, and my workshops on Saturday. If anyone has any Hinamatsuri stuff that I can borrow for display purposes, I'd be very grateful :)

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 25, 2005

quiet Friday morning...

Suddenly there's this great influx of entries from me, isn't there? Well..."great," I guess. I'm not sure why I feel like blogging all the time, especially when I wasn't doing so for so long. I guess there's a part of me that feels like talking now...especially in these dull silences.

My stomach ache is now only half here. Maybe it's because I finished my paper last night. Really fast, too, about 9 p.m. And here I was thinking that I'd have to pull an all-nighter to get it done. Damon said he liked it. :) But he's always nice to me. :)

Is it just me or is everyone between the ages of 18 and 21 getting engaged? A few years ago I would've thought that your senior year of college meant graduating and finding a job, not getting a ring and getting married. But in the last four years I suppose my philosophy has changed quite a bit. I know I scare Damy a lot because I'm always talking about getting married. It's not that I'm trying to spook him, but I guess it comes out that way a lot. The truth is, I think all my life the only real thing I've wanted to accomplish is to fall in love. That, and to be a mother. Everything else is extraneous. And I guess I just feel so excited at the prospect of actually having that; I'm eager to start it. It's like..if all your life the only thing you've wanted is that one pair of shoes -- and you pass a store and you step in and they have them; and in your size; and they fit wonderfully and they're even more gorgeous than you'd ever imagined they would be -- you'd jump at the chance to buy them, right? Even if it meant putting it on your credit card and not knowing whether you had the money in your account to buy them -- you would, because it's the only thing you've ever wanted. .....Am I making any sense?

You'll have to excuse me, I haven't had my morning coffee yet. But yeah. So my stomach ache is almost gone. I took a practice GRE test yesterday which went surprisingly quickly. My practice score wasn't so bad so I'm hoping that I'll do as decently (or better) on Saturday. Sh*t that's tomorrow! Aghh... -___-

I was so happy to see the sun yesterday -- to see the blue skies and feel the toasty warm. It's nice to be reminded that we live in California every once and a while, you know? Especially since I've really been feeling the grayness of the rain lately. Not all the time, mind you. It's just this really dreary kind of cloudy underlayer. I've been having serious weight issues I think. Looking in the mirror is painful. About 100 times a day I have to question what it would be like to be in a smaller body. How much skinnier I could be if I skipped that next meal. I've been trying to be good, too. I was running before the rain storms started, andI even did yoga the other day. And I stopped eating anything with preservatives, oils, sugars, chemicals, etc. I'm eating like, super whole grain bread and dried cranberries and vegetables and salads. And you know what? Instead of feeling better, I feel worse. I'm constantly having these aches in my stomach and horrible waves of nausea. I always feel like there's something stuck in my throat that's screaming to get out and it makes me sick. I wonder if it's still from last weekend @ the Yardhouse... :|

Ok...I'm going to stop this mindless rambling now because I realize no one wants to read it. I suppose I'll go read a book. Have a nice day and let's all sing for Mr. Sun Mr. Golden Sun to come out. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

killing time before class...

Dayumn. Thursday already? How did that happen?!

I've got a Geography paper due tomorrow and the G.R.E. on Saturday. I have had frequent stomach aches that I am assuming can be attributed to the extra sense and overwhelming amount of coffee that I have injested the past few days. The good news is that, despite the arbitrary and rather boring topic I chose for my paper (the history of freeways in Los Angeles and their sociological/cultural effect on the region), I'm nearly done. I churned out a good 8 pages between last night and this morning, so all I have to do when I get home today is flush it out and edit. This is one of the few papers of my college career that I've actually felt wrote itself. Maybe it's because I've read about it so much over the last few years, or maybe it's because it's a super-easy topic? Or maybe because I'm not doing it correctly? Either way it was actually kind of fun. I always love the research part of writing papers. Something about going through the bookstacks at Doheney and gazing at the rows and rows of books on some of the most RANDOM subjects -- it's like a treasure hunt. Dude I just increased my nerd factor, didn't I?

G.R.E. studying has been...well I want to say fruitless but I actually have seen an improvement, especially in my math. I'm still nervous as hell though. I keep telling myself that I only need 1000, but that just seems so unattainable. I feel pretty unprepared, but at the same time, I don't think any amount of studying would really get me to a level where I felt confident. I still don't see why the G.R.E. is necessary. Since when do you need to know permutations to teach elementary school kids? :| That exam is making me feel super stupid. And all of my SMART friends who've taken it told me it was hard. Greaaaaat.

Either way, by 3pm Saturday I should be a happy camper. It'll all be over with. Kind of. At least hopefully my nervous-stomachaches will be gone. And I can concentrate on more important things. Like that grad school app that I've been putting off. Or the geography midterm that I have yet to study for.

Ok I guess I should go do something constructive now. This room needs cleaning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

*whoa* flashback

I've been using this old notebook to work on my papers/study GRE's (basically using up all those leftover pages).

So anyway I just opened it right now to start taking notes for my paper and it flipped open to a page where April and I were passing notes in class...I don't remember which class but I'm talking about a yearbook meeting and April's talking about prom. :P

Gosh so much has changed in only four years....I miss my friends so much!

This week :)

Good things about this week:
- Monday was President's day, which meant a day off from school
- Tuesday's 3 hour American Studies class was canceled
- Wednesday's 2 hour Education class is canceled
- I finished all of this week's readings last week
- I have Kashi TLC Crackers and Trader Joe's Roasted Garlic hummus to munch on (SUPER yum)

Bad things about this week:
- Rain, rain, and more Rain (seriously WHERE is all this water coming from?)
- the GRrrrrrE on Saturday
- Geography paper on Friday (maybe I should've started that sooner...)
- having to go to work an extra day for someone else's job. -___x

All in all, not too shabby a week. I presume, anyway. Still have lots to do. GRE is gonna kick my @$$. I HATE MATH. Seriously. I thought I hated in in high school but I DETEST it now.

I've also decided that weight loss is futile. I'm a fat person. Period.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

hanging - over...

Went out to celebrate new job @ Yardhouse last night with Damy, Ho, Jas, Bea and Char. I had a pink paradise martini (good) and a half of a Georgia Peach martini (GOOOOD) before I knocked out on the table, right then and there. I woke up to find the restaurant half empty and Ho looking not so good.

Apparently my partner-in-crime is affected when she drinks with me =X We were the only two that had done any major damage last night -- everyone else was fine.

Thanks to HoHo especially for all of her moral-alcohol-support.

Now I have to nurse this hangover away...

Friday, February 18, 2005

Holy Cow!!!


I had my interview with LAUSD this morning. Right at the end of the interview I signed an offer letter. :)

So long as I graduate (*duh*) and pass my last few exams, get my transcripts, etc. -- I'm in!

+D <---that's how excited I am. My smile is so big that my eyes are squeezed shut. :)


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Grad Fair

Hahaha..I did some damage today at the Grad Fair. :P

2 Diploma Frames -- $220
Announcements -- $65.00
USC "Pride Sash" (haha...couldn't help it!) -- $30

Graduating From USC -- priceless (or $140,000, whichever way you look @ it) :)

I'm so excited!!! =D =D =D

frame #2...

DamyBear is graduating! =D

frame #1..

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Conquest :)

I got my Commencement information in the mail today. I got all excited looking at the maps, ordering my announcements, planning cap & gown stuff and all that -- The Journalism/Public Relations ceremony is going to be in the new Rose Garden area -- right next to my old dorm. How appropriate that I will be ending my USC career right where I began it.

Thinking about all of this is making me feel kind of nostalgic about USC and all the friends I've made here. Is it possible to be nostalgic for something you still have? Maybe "nostalgia" isn't the right word.

"Fight On!"


spells relief. :) hahaha...

Took midterm yesterday...heck of a midterm -- only 6 questions but I managed to fill up 8 pages of my bluebook. One of the slides was killer though..I couldn't remember for the life of me which castle it was. *smacks head*

Doing much better now that that exam is over. All I have left is: Geography Paper, Geography Midterm Parts 1 & 2, Comm Midterm, GRE, LAUSD Interview/Application, USC Application...

Still a lot, but I'm ready for it this time :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

smell that? it's stress...

I have a really bad stomach ache that's been stiking around the last couple of days. I don't know if it's the massive amounts of caffeine I've ingested the last couple of days (3 cups of coffee at dinner last night, 3 cups this morning, and a double-shot mocha espresso about 15 minutes ago) or if it's all the stress that's starting to accumulate, but I thought a little rant on my blog would help.

Life has thrown me for a bit of a loop lately and, as always, I'm stress-stress-stressing. I've got a major midterm tomorrow that I'm super-nervous about, that, incidentally, is for a class that doesn't actually count. I was up until 2:30 last night cramming and am continuing the session tonight. I've been kicking myself all day for not taking this class pass/no pass or for audit. Apparently I like adding extra work and pushing myself for absolutely no reason. This is a fun class, so why do I want to shoot myself for taking it, I wonder...

Last Friday USC had its bi-ennial career fair. This semester was the first time I actually felt confident going. I knew who I wanted to talk to, what I wanted to get out of it. What I didn't expect was to find out that LAUSD was no longer accepting district interns for the multiple subject credential. So my back up plan went out the window in like, two nanoseconds. I did score an interview with them this Friday, but it's for the special-ed program which I've been doubting as of late. So now I'm really crossing my fingers, toes, eyes for the USC credential program. And of course I've got even more stress to get the application done, and well. I want to get in that program sooooooo bad it's making sick trying to prepare myself for the heinous admissions process.

I also found out last Friday that USC spontaneously decided to cut my work-study funds, leaving me with no pay starting this week. Kind of a problem when it was supposed to last me through the end of April. *grr* So all weekend I was worried I'd have to look for a job, find a way to make money, blah blah blah.

Today I found out that my supervisor is quitting. In the middle of several HUGE projects, I might add. And apparently lots of her work will not be delegated to me. I have no time for this. Not to mention not enough experience. Not to mention the fact that I'm not even sure if I still HAVE a job...that is, one that pays. STRESS........

And of course, it is mid-term season. Three tests, 2 papers, interviews and presentations due in the next two weeks. Oh and did I mention the GRE on the 26th? One that I was expecting to be much better prepared for?

So yeah...stress level is high, as evidenced by my fat ugly oily face that explodes with a new blemish for every new problem. I'm actually pretty proud of myself, though, because, up until now, I've complained about maybe only 10% of what I've been feeling over the last week. And I'm still alive, so that's good, yes?

*groan*....I kind of wish February were over.... :(

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Happy New Year, all my lunar new year people :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone. In honor of Fat Tuesday, I have decided NOT to run today...you know, so that I can stay fat. :P

Haha...no really it's just that I have the GRE coming up FAST and lots of papers and assignments in the meantime, so I figure why run when I can use that valuable time to be studying and working on school stuff. Which is why I'm blogging right now, go figure. -__- Haha...no but really I AM going to work on all of this grad school stuff. promise! (*^^*)

I guess this update is mostly for HoHo, who, like, demanded it, like, right now. :P Too bad I have nothing to update. Oh yeah but I got an envelope in the mail yesterday with order forms to buy graduation announcements and those diploma frames and things. *sheesh* That stuff is expensive...a triple diploma frame is over $300! :P But shoot I don't care I want something nice to put those babies in. It'll look so nice with a nice photo/lithograph of USC....and the 24 karat gold plated USC medallion. Hahaha...how pretentious. :P

This weekend was nice although I didn't really feel like it was a weekend. Friday Damy came over and we (read: I) made a pizza. *yummie*yummie* -- mushrooms, two kinds of cheese, slices of tomato, italian sausage cooked with onions and garlic, bell peppers and a reallie yummie cabernet tomato sauce. I WIN!!! =D Then we watched Saved -- REALLY good, two thumbs up :)

Saturday I woke up early for some crazie car afficianado thing. Needless to say I was slightly bored. But that's ok 'cause I was slightly bored with Damy and that's always the best bored :) After that we went to Target and I bought PLANTS! =D *yea* oxygen! I'll post pics when I can. The hyacinth is beaUtiful and it smells so good! After that we went to TGIF and then to watch The Date with the other two...GOOD movie no matter WHAT the stupid boys say.

Sunday I slept in a little (a lot) and then went to Damy's and the boys washed my car *yea* then we went more shopping (Trader Joe's mmmmmmmm) and then to my parents' house for computer tech to the rescue! And then took my sister with us to eat at Baccali and I made a pig of myself. :(

Yesterday I had to get up early to do some school observations and I am STILL sleepy despite a nap and a loooooooong night's rest last night. *boo* I kind of need another day off -- when is President's Day again? I feel cheated now that we have President's Day -- remember when we were little and we had one day off for Lincoln's bday and one for Washington's? Whose bright idea was it to combine it like that? That's blasphemous, really.

The weather's been getting on my nerves lately -- hot, cold, hot, cold...make up your mind and make it HOT stupid!

I'm in a funny mood now. I guess I should get to all that work I've been saying I have to do, no?

TTFN! (*^-^*)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005